The following is the Initial compilation of McDougald relatives in starting with my great-great-grandparents John A. McDougald and his wife Annie Chisholm who lived in Alexandria and Cornwall Ontario. (Glengarry County)

John Angus McDougald
Annie Chisholm
John Angus Mcdougald
Court Registrar
Annie Chisholm
Death Registry
Marriage Registry Closeup view
Home in Cornwall
Tombstone   Tombstone - back   Tombstone - circa 1950
Children: Alexander William, Angus Arthur, Mary, George, Grace, Allan, Katherine, Duncan, Wilfred

The family tree in Excel format
1911 Census - Lines 12-14
1881 Census

(The following people are listed in NO particular order, yet...)

Donald Ban McDougald (1790-1844)

Burial Registry - full page view
Burial Registry - closeup view
Married: Catherine McKinnon
Children: Alexander, Malcolm, Angus, Lachlan, Dugald, Mary, Catherine

Major Angus McDougald (1805-1857)

"Son of Donald Bahn McDougald and Catherine McKinnon. Was born in Kenyon township, Glengarry County, on Sept 10th, 1805. He was appointed an Ensign and attached to the Glengarry Regiment on Oct 20th, 1825. He was gazetted Captain of the 2nd Glengarry Battalion on May25th, 1843; was transferred to the 4th Glengarry Battalion on March 9th, 1847. He was gazetted Maor of the latter battalion on March 9th, 1852. On Oct 4th, 1834, he married Grace, daughter of Donald Cameron and Christina Cameron; the former was a son of William (Bhui) Cameron (U.E.L.), and the latter was a daughter of John Cameron Clunes (U.E.L.). Major Angus McDougald died on Dec 19th, 1857, at his homestead on lot No. 5, in the 4th concession of the township of Kenyon."

Death Registry - full page Closeup left side Closeup right side
Cornwall Volunteer Corps 1838
Married: Grace Cameron Oct 4, 1834
Children: John Angus, Malcolm, Duncan

Lachlan McDougald (1807-1881)

Married: Flora Grant

Angus Arthur James McDougald (1863-1863)

Alexander William McDougald (1865-1943)

Married: Annie Bethune - Published poem
Children: Justin
Correspondent: Glengarry Times

Who knew that we were related to the original Glad Man?

Angus Arthur McDougald (1867-1893)

Mary McDougald McMartin (1869-1940)

Mary McDougald McMartin John 'Big Red' McMartin

Married: John McMartin, MP (1917-1918) Regsitry: Full page  Closeup
Brief history of his Hollinger Mines Fame - pg 1
Brief history of his Hollinger Mines Fame - pg 2
Reference to John McMartin as a contractor in Giovanni Veltri's book
Children: Grace, Jean, Rita, Frances, Jack
Picture: McMartin plot Cotes des Neiges Cemetary
Highland Manor: McMartin's Cornwall Residence donated to orphanage

Married: Jhr. Richard Frederik August Wigbold Arthur Wilhelm van Schuylenburch van Wisch - 1926 Saranac Lake, NY
Children: Olga and Elisabeth family tree of Klaas Jansen

George Walter McDougald (1871-1954)

Married: Sarah McDonnell, Florance Chisholm, Stella Reeves
Children: Anna, Sarah, Grace

Grace McDougald Smith (1873-?)

Married: Alex L. Smith (1866-?)
Children: Arthur (Apr 1898-?), Marguerite (1899-?), Gladys (1903-?), Herbert (1904-?), Frank (1906-?)

1911 Census - Lines 15-21

Katherine McDougald (1875-1955)

Allan Joseph McDougald (1877-1937)

Married: Teresa McDonald
Children: Hilda, Ada, Allan, Grace

1911 Census: Lines 25-31 - Shows Janet McDonald living with them as well

The Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board

Picture of Allan (1st of right) and Wilfred (7th on right) McDougald at a Business Dinner - Signed by Wilfred 1922

Teresa Josephine McDonald McDougald (1882-1976)
Baptismal form: Baptism (Questionable accuracy of family name spelling)


    Should old acquaintance be forgot
    And never brought to mind
    Should old acquaintance be forgot
    And auld Lang syne.

    We twa hae run aboot together
    And tread the countries fine
    And we've wandered with our weary feet
    Sin auld lang syne

    And surely you've been my support
    And surely I've been yours
    And we'll tak a cup o'kindness yet
    For auld lang syne

    And there's a hand, my trusty friend
    And give's a hand o'thine
    We'll take a right guid drink to that
    For auld lang syne

    For Auld Lang Syne Dear Grace
    For Auld Lang Syne
    We'll take a cup o'kindness yet
    For auld lang syne
Rest In Peace:
Funeral Pictures June 22, 07

Duncan McDougald (1880-1939)

Married: Margherita Emelie Murray
Children: Bud, Nancy

Dr. Wilfred Laurier McDougald (1882-1942)

Married: Mary Catherine Hannan
Children: Wilfred J and John H

Senator McDougald President of The Board of Harbour Commissioners of Montreal - See History of Jacques Cartier Bridge

Sunnyside Crescent Home - Architect Percy Nobbs

Interesting entry in Ellis Island Log of McDougald's travelling

McDougald Home in Cornwall

Four children in picture as yet unidentified