Officers of Loyola Alumni Association
(Known until 1935 as Loyola Old Boys' Association)
June 17th, 1906 Firstmeeting: Mr. F. McKenna acted as Chairman, and the Founders Committee was composed of: Dr. Leo Mason, L. Ryan, F. McKenna, R. McIlhone, W. Cummings, C. Bermingham, T. Tansey.
October 7th, 1906 The first officers elected were:
John Hackett
Dr. James Rogers
T. Tansey
W. H. Butler
John Dickenson
Charles Bermingham
1906-1907 President:
Dr. J. L. D. Mason
Leo Ryan
Francis E. McKenna
1908-1910 President:
Francis E. McKenna
Georges P. Vanier
Thomas M. Tansey
1910-1912 President:
Georges P. Vanier
John T. Hackett
Charles Bermingham
1912-1913 President:
Dr. Bernard Conroy
Charles Bermingham
Gerald A. Coughlin
1913-1914 President:
T. Charles Bermingham
Ernest H. Dickenson
Paul S. Conroy
1916 President:
John Hackett
Paul S. Conroy
Augustine Downes
Robert J. Wickham
Walter M. Merrill
Edmund Coughlin
Charles Bermingham
1920-1922 President: Major Georges Vanier, DSO
John Fitzgerald
1922-1924 President: John D. Kearney
1929-1930 President: Dr. J. C. Wickham
1933-1935 President: John D. King
1935-1939 Committee: Norman Smith
Walter Elliott
John Whitelaw
1940-1941 President: Norman Smith
1941-1942 President: Herbert Loucks
1942-1943 President: Dr. Basil Cuddihy
1944 President: J. Brendan O'Connor
1945-1946 President: Rev. George Thoms
1946-1947 President: Dr. Arthur Donohue
1947-1949 President: Paul Hinphy
1949-1950 President: Donald Tobin
1950-1951 President: Earl Lalonde
1951-1952 President: Raymond Shaughnessy
1953 President: William McNally
1954 President: Norman Dann
1955 President: J. Ralph Bourassa, Jr.
1956 President: Richard Paré
1957 President: W. John Sheridan
1958-1959 President: Fred D. McCaffrey
1960-1961 President: James C. Wilson
1961-1963 President: Dr. R. J. Brodrick
1963-1965 President: H. J. Hemens
1965-1967 President: D. W. McNaughton
1967-1968 President: Charles A. Phelan
1968-1969 President: John J. Pepper
1969-1970 President: W. H. Wilson, Jr.
1970-1971 President: Robert G. Beauregard
1971-197? President: Bernard McCallum
197?-1975 President: Ronald H. Boucher
1975-1976 President: Robert Leclerc
1977-1978 President: Robert Brodrick
l978-1980 President: Fred D. McCaffrey
1980-1982 President: John Collyer
1982-1984 President: Peter Shea
1984-1986 President: David L. McIninch
1986-1988 President: Allan Benedetti
1988- President: Michael Jalbert

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