Each team must provide the following documentation in both hardcopy and digital form.



Deadline Date

Roles document

A document detailing the roles of each member of your team. 

Dec 2

Requirements document

Detailing all the requirements/analysis of the website broken down by Mandatory/Optional requirements.

Dec 9

ER diagram

Graphical display of the database design

Jan 13, 15

Table/View Documentation

Documentation detailing every table and view in the database including fields.

Jan 20,22

Simplified Use Cases

A process of identifying “events” that will occur on the website; how the events are triggered and the resulting affect on the database.


Web scripting and SQL or PL/SQL Documentation

Two files are required.  One is a graphic display of the hierarchy of files and which files call which.  The other file lists all scripting files, their location, purpose and if they have any includes.

Jan 27,29

Backup and Recovery Plan

A detailed plan of how to backup and recover the database and website in the event of a system crash.  Also, must include the scripts required to recreate the database.

Feb 3,5

Test Cases

A description of all test cases that were performed on the website; the result of the test and any changes that resulted from the test.

Feb 10,12

User Documentation

General description of how the site works and how to navigate throughout the site.

Feb 20