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_Finance BCLC - Online tickets Purchase of online tix Edit Delete J
Capital One CapOne online Edit Delete J
CIBC - Investors Edge RRSP online brokerage account Edit Delete J
CIBC Banking Online Banking Edit Delete J
Globe Investor Good chart Edit Delete J
ING Direct Online Banking Edit Delete J
J & M Coin Dealers Vancouver Broadway and Main Edit Delete J
Kitco Gold Gold Spot Chart Edit Delete J
Kitco Silver 24hr Silver Chart Edit Delete J
Lions Gate website Web cams and traffic for Lions Gate Edit Delete J
MBNA online access Able to get stmts online pwd is both Edit Delete J
Money Central Microsoft Online Portfolio tracker Edit Delete J
North Van Library NVDPL 23141002160971 Edit Delete J
SkyDrive Microsoft SkyDrive - 7gb online storage space Edit Delete J
VanCity Banking Edit Delete J
Vancouver Bullion Sale and Purchase prices of bullion(Amit) Edit Delete J
_Study Abroad Amazon SSA site Edit Delete J
Amazon Key Key pair Edit Delete J
Crowd funding article Interesting discussion on Crowd funding Edit Delete J
Forum on Education Abroad Conference Mar 2012 Edit Delete J
Nuffic Listing of various conferences regarding Study Abroad Edit Delete J
SMU - Trial Site SMU login for trial Edit Delete J
TRU - Trial site TRU - Trial login page Edit Delete J
TRU vpn VPN access Edit Delete J
UofA - Go Abroad Login Front page for Outgoing, Summer and Internships Edit Delete J
UofA - Research Internship Login Front page for RI Edit Delete J
UofA - Travel Abroad Login Front page for TA Edit Delete J
Activities Inside Vancouver Good site for upcomming events in Vancouver Edit Delete J
Namaste Yoga Yoga schedule for Namaste Edit Delete J
North Vancouver Swim Schedule Swim schedule for the four pools Edit Delete J
TaiChi - North Van North Shore Tai Chi Edit Delete J
Apple Apple Developer site Biolux account for App Store submissions Edit Delete J
Auctions Auction Sites - Vancouver Vancouver area Edit Delete J
eBay Online auction site Edit Delete J
GVRD Auctions Listing of various auction sites Edit Delete J
Authors Condo scene in Vancouver Very funny line of blogging Edit Delete J
Dumb Little Man Interesting tid bits Edit Delete J
FREE Online computer books Free online computer material Edit Delete J
Haiku Error messages VERY funny - haikus in place of error messages Edit Delete J
Haiku Error Messages More Haiku error messages Edit Delete J
Interesting Blog site Interesting display of XML for blogging and links from here Edit Delete J
Rain City Gardner Blog on gardening and SLOE Gin!! Edit Delete J
You Grow Girl Blog on Urban Gardening Edit Delete J
Biolux Biolux Wiki - Trouble tickets Wiki Edit Delete J
Boats Advanced Yacht Sales Sidney Edit Delete J
BC Yacht Brokers Assoc Listing of all member firms Edit Delete J
BEAUTIFUL old boats WOW...some incredible boats Edit Delete J
Boat cleaning hints Alternatives to bleach for cleaning the boat Edit Delete J
Boat Dealer - Eagle Harbour Boats for sale Edit Delete J
Buy and Sell - Boats Buy and Sell Edit Delete J
Complete Shark Overhaul Astounding overhaul of a Shark Edit Delete J
Cooper Boating Charters and Courses Edit Delete J
Craigslist - Vancouver Bulletin Board for boats Edit Delete J
Craigslist Search Tool Great tool for searching multiple Craigslist locations Edit Delete J
Kits Yacht Club Kits Yacht club - membership, events etc Edit Delete J
Sailboat Listings Large listing of boats for sale Edit Delete J
Shark 007 Site Site about a specific Shark 007 Edit Delete J
Shark Companionway cover Get example of someone replacing with steps on how Edit Delete J
Shark site Good site for Shark owners Edit Delete J
Thunderbird Marina Boat Sales Thunderbird yacht sales Edit Delete J
Vancouver Tide Charts Tides for Vancouver area Edit Delete J
Yacht World Large listing of boats in N-America Edit Delete J
Yanmar Engine forum Forum for dealing with Yanmars Edit Delete J
Yanmar sb12 Good thread on yanmar Edit Delete J
Business Angel investment Gov of Canada site Edit Delete J
BC Government Tendering Site Site that centralizes all tenders put out by Provincial Goverment Edit Delete J
Interview questions Interesting set of questions Edit Delete J
Nexient Skillsweb Access to schedule Edit Delete J
Pacific Mail and Parcel - Blaine Parcel delivery service in US Edit Delete J
Presentation Helper Great site for presentation ideas Edit Delete J
Ridgecrest Homes Thornbury Ontario Edit Delete J
Smallworks SugarCRM Online CRM access Edit Delete J
Steorn Energy Project Company claiming to have an energy techonology Edit Delete J
Swanson's Business Rules Interesting article on simple rules of running a business Edit Delete J
Camping Camping Recipes Some ideas for Cooking while camping Edit Delete J
Christmas Christmas Hippo Song Very cute Edit Delete J
EggNog Recipe Good looking recipe Edit Delete J
Enya - Silent Night in Irish Very nice rendition Edit Delete J
Sinead OConnor Very nice rendition Edit Delete J
Coins All Nations Coin and Stamp Department at the Bay Edit Delete J
Victoria Jubilee stamp values Good listing of the variations of the Jubilee stamps Edit Delete J
Comedy AliG - Drug Questions Funny - questioning drug expert Edit Delete J
Andy Griffiths - Hamlet Andy describing Hamlet - funny Edit Delete J
Andy Griffiths - What is was was football Great story describing football - very funny Edit Delete J
Andy Griffiths - Wit and Wisdom Andy telling story of Christopher Columbus Edit Delete J
Baby Blues Comic strip Favorite comic strip Edit Delete J
Borat Humour Babe watch - Borat style Edit Delete J
Evolution of dance Very funny comedian dancing Edit Delete J
French Batman Very funny comparison of French translation from France vs Quebec Edit Delete J
French funnies Lists of funny files Edit Delete J
Funniest Laugh Funniest laugh interrupts comedy show Edit Delete J
Funny videos Funnies Edit Delete J
Goonshow with Peter Sellers Download some snippets Edit Delete J
Josh Blue Funny guy Edit Delete J
Sammy Sugar 2 Very funny Edit Delete J
Sugar Sammy Very funny indian-Canadian comic Edit Delete J
The 4 Yorkshiremen Monty Python - Luxury skit Edit Delete J
The Lion and Albert Great Yorkshire type accent Edit Delete J
This is magic Montreal strip comedian Edit Delete J
Very funny Quebec comedy Hysterical - santa one Edit Delete J
Wacky video breast feeding cat Edit Delete J
Cooking All Recipes Site Site for cheeseless scalloped potatoes and pulled pork Edit Delete J
Lentils and Rice in Rice cooker Interesting sounding lentils and rice recipe Edit Delete J
Making Beef Jerky Primal blueprint - how to make jerky Edit Delete J
Oven roasted Potato Chips Interesting looking recipe Edit Delete J
Paleo friendly Curry Recipes for coconut curry Edit Delete J
Primal Blueprint - Spinach bread An alternative to bread Edit Delete J
Primal Breakfasts More ideas Edit Delete J
Primal Cooking Ideas for omlettes a la Paleo Edit Delete J
CoolInventions Hydrogen powering vehicles Very interesting site with kit for powering car on gas AND water Edit Delete J
Magnet Driven engines Japanese builder of magnetic engines - use 20 percent of the energy of electric engine Edit Delete J
Make a USB Key Interesting home made USB key Edit Delete J
Make LED brick Fun simple steps to create an LED brick Edit Delete J
Patterned Paint Roller Really neat paint roller, create wallpaper like effect Edit Delete J
Text in shape of picture Using word and image - make text in shape of a picture COOL Edit Delete J
View Master Cameras How to make View Master 3D pics, including scanning images Edit Delete J
Database 3rd Party Access repair tool Possible tool to use to clean up Access DB Edit Delete J
Access - Rename Table Names with VBA Code good for quickly renaming the table name when SQL link names dbo_ Edit Delete J
Access 2000 Jet Service Pack 8 Install latest service pack for Access 2000 Jet Engine Edit Delete J
Access 2007 Hotfix Hotfix for Access 2007 re forms settings Edit Delete J
Access conversion to SQL Good pointers from Access to SQL conversion Edit Delete J
Access Corruption solvers Some standard ideas on how to resolve Access corruption Edit Delete J
Access Corruption Suggestions Some pointers such as Autocorrect Edit Delete J
Access DSNless connection How to link to SQL tables without DSN Edit Delete J
Access DSNless Connection How to change DSN connections away from DSN files Edit Delete J
Access DSNless Connection setup Another approach to connecting to SQL tables without DSN Edit Delete J
Access DSNless Connections MSN Access - using DSNless connection to SQL Edit Delete J
Access to SQL Upsizing Upsizing alternative for SQL2008 Edit Delete J
Connection Strings website Great site for all of the connection string formats Edit Delete J
DevGuru Has ADO page among others Edit Delete J
Excel 97/2000 Viewer: Spreadsheet Files The viewer is not suitable for use on a server. Allows users to automatically view Excel spreadsheets (.xls) that are linked to HTML pages on a LAN or the WWW Edit Delete Shirley
Install Access 97 and 2000 same machine Install both versions and be able to run both Edit Delete J
Lotus Approach User Support Offers sample databases Edit Delete J
MS Access training modules Great little training modules on Access Edit Delete J
MySQL - Build visual queries MySQL - some explanation of Query browser Edit Delete J
MySQL Optimization MySQL pointers on optimizing Edit Delete J
MySQL Profiler Example of using Profiler in MySQL Edit Delete J
MySQL Virtual Seminars Online resource for learning MySQL Edit Delete J
RAID - suggested configurations Interesting notes on RAID configs Edit Delete J
SQL for Smarties Website of articles, tips tricks, etc Edit Delete J
SQL retrieving data in bunches How to retrieve the data in batches of 25 or 50 records at a time Edit Delete J
SQL Server - remove duplicate rows Last method listed with Row_Number - very good Edit Delete J
SQL Server 2000 Clustering Resource Good links for clustered environment Edit Delete J
SQL Server 2000 Replication and Perf Tuning Transactional Replication Performance Tuning and Optimization Edit Delete J
Storage Admin Database Portal Edit Delete J
Teca - Blob Loader App that helps loading of Blobs Edit Delete J
Design Free Fonts Great site for finding funky fonts Edit Delete J
Interior Design Site - Vancouver Interesting looking site for Design ideas Edit Delete J
Warline - painting and decor site Good site with samples and good advice Edit Delete J
Wood stump tables Martha Stewart stumps as tables Edit Delete J
Development ADO 2.6 Stream Example of how to load images into a table with ADO Edit Delete J
AskASP Another ASP portal Edit Delete J
ASP and .Net help Help site for ASP and .NET Edit Delete J
ASP button images (multi) ASP and HTML coding Edit Delete J
ASP Free ASP.NET samples Edit Delete J
ASP Get Chunk Sample and Bug in ASP Edit Delete J
ASP Help page Tips and Tricks for ASP programming Edit Delete J
ASP Insert image Sample of loading image into Database via ASP.NET Edit Delete J
ASP Insert Image - function Well described method of inserting image using a function Edit Delete J
ASP SQL SPROC Inserting records How to insert records into SQL using SPROCs through ASP Edit Delete J
ASP Stream example Good concise example of streaming to Load and Save Edit Delete J
ASP Stream example3 ASP Example of streaming Edit Delete J
ASP Stream example4 ASP Streaming example Edit Delete J
ASP Stream text - faster How to improve on the speed of streaming large text objects Edit Delete J
ASP Streaming - Send object to the browser ASP Example of streaming Edit Delete J
ASP Streaming - XML output Example of ASP and XML streaming large objects Edit Delete J
ASP Streaming Objects Another ASP example of streaming Edit Delete J
Binary Explained Good discourse on what Binary is Edit Delete J
ColdFusion Function Help Good source of ColdFusion help documentation Edit Delete J
Connect Web Server to DB server Example of ODBC Drivers and DSNs Edit Delete J
Experts Exchange - ASP Expert portal multi language reference Edit Delete J
Java Virtual Machine ver 1.4.2 Download link for this version of plugin Edit Delete J
Microsoft Development Talks - SQL Yukon Talks from Calif trade show on SQL Yukon, .Net etc Edit Delete J
MS VMs and Sun JVMs Good resource for JVMs both MS and Sun Edit Delete J
Programing Reference Site Code examples Edit Delete J
ReadFile from Client Machine ASP - Javascript example of reading file from Client Edit Delete J
SloppyCode Development forum for ASP etc Edit Delete J
Use Case Alternate Intro Description of Use Cases Edit Delete J
Use Cases - The value Methodology AWI's definition and examples of Simplified Use Cases Edit Delete J
VMware 3 - workstation Download VMware workstation key is 6anax-dhk2t-7gl8h-33n2r Edit Delete J
WebAttack Utilities Various shareware and smaller utilities for a large range of apps Edit Delete J
WebPost Web tool to speed up doc management Edit Delete J
Windows Scripting Solutions Development Tips and Tricks Edit Delete J
Workflow Management eBook Wil van der Aalst - online at VPL Edit Delete J
Workflow Modeling eBook Recommended book on Workflow modeling Edit Delete J
dVsdXIIp vszqpegiz Commentary site Edit Delete J
Education Education cost calculator Interesting take on cost of a degree Edit Delete J
Evelyn Wood Evelyn Wood and her discussion on public speaking Edit Delete J
Excel Sample files Good sample files for training Edit Delete J
Forming Habits - 21 days Good article on forming habits Edit Delete J
How to compost North Shore Recycling tips on composting Edit Delete J
Khan Academy FANTASTIC - What a guy. Look at GEL Conference video Edit Delete J
Mazda Key reprogramming How to re-program a Mazda key Edit Delete J
MIT Open Courses Interesting - MIT opening up some 1900 courses to the world Edit Delete J
Multimeter usage tutorial How to use the multimeter Edit Delete J
Outlook calendar training eLearning piece on calendar Edit Delete J
Sparks Notes Interesting notes on topics such as math, physics, chemistry etc Edit Delete J
Entertainment Audio books online Great source of free audio books online Edit Delete J
CBC Radio CBC Radio One and Two live Edit Delete J
Drinking Games List of games Edit Delete J
Fireball Game Flash fireball game Edit Delete J
Jango - music of choice Interesting site of music you your choosing Edit Delete J
Learn Italian Learn italian and other languages Edit Delete J
Online Music Online music - allows choosing by artist and it creates a list of similar ones Edit Delete J
Family Projects for Children Good ideas, free plans Edit Delete J
Thomas' Religions Project Looks at Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam Edit Delete J
Vancouver Schools Schools in Van and their websites Edit Delete J
Family History 1901 Census Ontario Searchable database Edit Delete J
Ancestry - Quebec Message board relating to various areas in Quebec Edit Delete J
Ancestry page links Ancestry page with other geneology links Edit Delete J
Beauharnois Scandal WLMcD Edit Delete J
Beauharnois Scandal T.D. Regehr's account of the Beauharnois Scandal Edit Delete J
Book on Glengarry Very good electronic implementation of a book Edit Delete J
British Army in Sicily Background to the English stationed in Sicily Edit Delete J
British Military Searches Talks about how to find info from British Military Edit Delete J
Burning the valleys - Capt Munro Full google book on the revolution KRRNY with Capt Munro Edit Delete J
Canadian Federal index Interesting search engine for Canadian geneology Edit Delete J
Canadian Geneological Site Promising looking site Edit Delete J
Cemeteries - Quebec pictures of gravestones Edit Delete J
Census 1901 Another research site Edit Delete J
Chisholm Clan Clan history - very brief Edit Delete J
Chisholm Clan Annie Edit Delete J
Chisholm Clan - Erchless Castle Castle of the Chisholms near Strathglass Edit Delete J
Chisholm, John Ranald Annie Chisholm Edit Delete J
Chisholm, John and Nancy Munro Interesting site - links to Mormon files Edit Delete J
Conrad Black - McDougald Connection Interesting Edit Delete J
Cornwall Cemetary Photos of headstones - Stormont Dundas and Glengarry Edit Delete J
Dictionary of Canadian Biographies Bio of TGW Eaststaff by David Facey-Crowther Edit Delete J
Dr. Eastaff ship log Record of a Dr. Eastaff at age 30 entering Boston from Newfoundland Edit Delete J
Eastaff - Daughter of William G Connection to William Grant?? Elizabeth Blanche Edit Delete J
Eastaff - Ship Lists Ships log shows Dr. Eastaff and wife at a hotel Edit Delete J
Eastaff Connection Interesting tidbit from a David Eastaff researching the branch Edit Delete J
Eastaff, TGW and William Grant Eastaff David Eastaff posting on Edit Delete J
Eastaff, TGW as executor to estate Executor to estate of a friend Edit Delete J
Eaststaff Surveyor Reference to TGW Eaststaff Edit Delete J
Ellis Island records Wilfred and family travelling on the Aquitania Edit Delete J
Family Researchers for hire Interesting group who work for $55/hour Edit Delete J
Family Search UK Geneology Free searches except for viewing images Edit Delete J
Gaetanna Obituary Edit Delete J
Gaetanna Mason WEbsite describing the son of Gaetanna and R Telfer Edit Delete J
Genelogy sites list Great list of all kinds of genelogical search engines Edit Delete J
Geneology Another geneology site Edit Delete J
Geneology - Cindy Varied but some useful links Edit Delete J
George J Mason and Son Frank Marrige record of Frank H. Mason son of George J and Alicia Harrison Edit Delete J
Glengarry County reference to Bud Edit Delete J
Glengarry Geneology Collections of sites and info Edit Delete J
Green Meadows - Bud toronto Edit Delete J
Green Meadows - McDougald Estate Bud Edit Delete J
Highland Clearances The ugly truth of the Highland clearances Edit Delete J
Highlands Clearing Listings of stories from the Highlands clearings Edit Delete J
History of the Chisholms Listed in their are John Chisholm and Ranald (listed as Ronald) Edit Delete J
Indentures and Royal Documents Very interesting description of indentures and seals Edit Delete J
inGeneas Passenger Lists Interesting possibilities Edit Delete J
Irish Immigration at Quebec Island where they were quarantined Edit Delete J
Irish Parishes in Quebec City Great link to parishes in Quebec City Edit Delete J
Jacques Cartier Bridge History Account of the bridge with reference to Wilfred McDougald Edit Delete J
Library and Archives Canada Canadian Geneology Centre - many links to online sources Edit Delete J
Listing of People in old Montreal cemeteries Listing of people in old cemeteries found in church records Edit Delete J
Lynn Cooke - Glengarry Research Research site Edit Delete J
MacDougall - Brooch of Lorn History of the Brooch Edit Delete J
MacDougall Clan History MacDougall history brief Edit Delete J
MacDougall Sites Newsletter ( Edit Delete J
Mason - 1901 Census 1901 Census listing the Mason family Edit Delete J
Mason, Thomas and Eastaff, Eliza Grant Marriage list Edit Delete J
McD , Annie Bethune Author SFU?? Edit Delete J
McDougald - Archivia Net Government Records, correspondence etc Edit Delete J
McDougald - Argus Essay - Black Bud Edit Delete J
McDougald - Canadian Archival Network WL McD description and listing of papers Edit Delete J
McDougald - Cousin Connect Connections? Edit Delete J
McDougald - Sunnyside Home Architect Edit Delete J
McDougald Genforum Connections? Edit Delete J
McDougald, A.W. Correspondent for the Times Edit Delete J
McDougald, Allan The Cornwall cheese and butter board Edit Delete J
McDougald, Allan and family 1911 Census - misread and entered as McDougals Edit Delete J
McDougald, Angus Reference to his particip in the Militia Edit Delete J
McDougald, Bud Book on the Establishment Edit Delete J
McDougald, Donald Connection? Edit Delete J
McDougald, Donald Bhain Interesting! Edit Delete J
McDougald, Donald Bhan McDougald link Edit Delete J
McDougald, John A Shows him as Court Registrar Edit Delete J
McDougald, John A - Registrar Brief description of his career Edit Delete J
McDougald, John, Annie and Anna 1911 Census - shows Anna Creighton living with Grandparents John and Annie Edit Delete J
McDougald, WL Archives of Montreal - showing WLMcD as Chair of Harbour commission Edit Delete J
McDougald, WL - Senatorial Listing Listing of Senators and who appointed Edit Delete J
McMartin, John ("Jack") Quick history of his family Edit Delete J
McMartin, John 'Big Red' Great account of his life page 388 Edit Delete J
Montreal GenWeb Geneology for Anglo Montrealers Edit Delete J
Moore and Hughes lineage Pat Rogers compilation of Moore and Hughes Edit Delete J
Munro documents Old documents on Munros and Capt John Edit Delete J
Munro, David and Nancy McKay David Munro and Nancy McKay UEL Edit Delete J
Munro, Nancy Chisholm, John and Nancy Munro Edit Delete J
National Archives of Canada Initial link to districts of 1901 Census Edit Delete J
Newfoundland - GrandBanks Genealogy References to Eastaffs Edit Delete J
Newfoundland Geneology Good site listing various places to hunt around St. Johns Edit Delete J
Newfoundland Mason history Not a direct relationship - but interesting info Edit Delete J
Nobbs - Architect of Residence on Sunnyside McDougald Home on Sunnyside Edit Delete J
Notre Dame Centenery Refence to Senator W.L. McDougald attending the centenery Edit Delete J
Notres Dames Des Neiges Cemetery Cemetery with online search of those buried Edit Delete J
Obituaries Online Website dealing with Geneology research Edit Delete J
Old Montreal Cemeteries Collard's account of some old cemeteries Edit Delete J
Ontario Church Records Worth looking through for baptisms, marriages and such Edit Delete J
Ontario Vital Stats Family research page Edit Delete J
Origin of Eastaff St - St Johns Indicates Eastaff Street in St Johns is named after TGW Edit Delete J
Paper of record Great site that has scanned images of many newspapers Edit Delete J
Public Record Office - UK British Army records are accessible here Edit Delete J
Quebec Geneology from Vancouver Wow...interesting group and site Edit Delete J
Quebec History reference to the cholera epidemic Edit Delete J
Robbie Burns Great site with some of his poetry Edit Delete J
Rootsweb - good geneology links Interesting page - good link to Mormon pilot site Edit Delete J
Rootsweb site Listings in Ontario Edit Delete J
Scotsman Newspaper Archives of old paper Edit Delete J
Scrapbook and Movie making - FREE Interesting looking site - downside is downloadable player Edit Delete J
Smith, A.L. - Grace McDougald Grace McD's husband Edit Delete J
Snippet of Eastaff Map History of 16 McDougall St - st. john's Edit Delete J
Telfer Marriage - Thomas and Martha Reference to another Mason, Thomas J.....any connection? Edit Delete J
Telfer, Marie E - Marries Mispelling of Gaetana's name Edit Delete J
Telfer, Marie E. Another Telfer question Edit Delete J
The memoirs of Giovanni Veltri Reference to Alex McDougald contractor and brother in law to Jack 'Big Red ' McMartin Edit Delete J
Toronto Research Good source of Toronto publications Edit Delete J
UEL List Interesting list of UEL members from late 1700s Edit Delete J
United Empire Loyalists The official website Edit Delete J
WL McDougald Interesting site, in process Edit Delete J
Women of the American Revolution Interesting reference to Mrs Munro wife of a loyalist Edit Delete J
Womens costumes and hat Great examples Edit Delete J
Farming Farm Apprenticeships Farms that offer apprentice programs Edit Delete J
Farm life Small farms Edit Delete J
Learn to Farm Great site about creating a sustainable farm in 1 acre Edit Delete J
Small Farm Canada Stories of different canadian farms Edit Delete J
FinanceResearch 321 Energy Moriarity Site Edit Delete J
Bank of Canada Exchange Rates Good historical data for Foreign exchange rates Edit Delete J
Calculators Good ones...including life expectancy Edit Delete J
Canada Mortgage - Calculators Very good calc Edit Delete J
Charts - barchart Investment Info Edit Delete J
Compounding Calculator Great online calc for compounded values overall or annually Edit Delete J
Currency Exchange site Great site - and used by SkillPath Edit Delete J
decisionpoint Investment Info Edit Delete J
economist Magazine Edit Delete J
Financial Calculators Good examples - Java applets Edit Delete J
Foreign Exchange Archives BofMTL Edit Delete J
Foreign Exchange Rates Royal Bank Exchange Rates Edit Delete J
Foreign Exchange Rates Bank of Montreal Foreign Exchange Rates (NOT Real time) Edit Delete J
ft Magazine Edit Delete J
Government Job Funding Financial programs funding jobs Edit Delete J
Interest Only Mortgage Interesting approach Edit Delete J
Investors Hub Suavek Edit Delete J
Jays other recommendation for 2009 Jays other recommendation Edit Delete J
Jays recommendation for 2009 One of Jays recommendations Edit Delete J
List of companies with DRIP Dividend Reinvestment Plans Edit Delete J
Mish Recommended blog by Gary North Edit Delete J
Mortgage calculator Good one for calculating prepayments Edit Delete J
Mortgage PrePayment Calculator Better idea of prepayment benefits Edit Delete J
Mortgage through RRSP Great detail on the costs and requirements for mortgage through RRSP Edit Delete J
Mortgage Variable vs Fixed Paper on the historical benefits of Variable vs Fixed Edit Delete J
murenbeeld Gold analyst Edit Delete J
nybot NewYork Board of Trade Edit Delete J
nymex NewYork Mercantile Exchange Edit Delete J
Oil Shortage Paper Paper describing the reliance on Oil Edit Delete J
Retirement Essays Interesting approaches to retirement and living abroad etc Edit Delete J
Richard Russel Dow Theory Letters new letter Edit Delete J
SEC Filings online Look at who is buying and selling by company Edit Delete J
Snapshot Charts Good charting site Edit Delete J
Stockwatch - US This provides quotes and charts from of US companies Edit Delete J
Suavek Blog of 500 some charts and analysis Edit Delete J
tradingcharts Investment Charts Edit Delete J
TSX Quotes on TSX listings Edit Delete J
Funky eLearning sites Interesting list of eLearning jobs Edit Delete J
Startups in Vancouver Interesting site about what new companies are starting up Edit Delete J
Thrifty by design Great blog site about UPCYCLING...kindred spirit Edit Delete J
Unique Computers Funky places to put computers, guitars, picture frames, etc Edit Delete J
Wayback in time Keeps copies of websites and their pages Edit Delete J
Furniture Barrister's Bookcase Lead glass window panes Edit Delete J
REALLY creative space saving furniture Edit Delete J
Gardening Chiltern Seed sales UK company - ordering seeds Edit Delete J
Gardening under Pines Interesting thoughts on what to plant beneath Pines Edit Delete J
Trees and Shrubs of BC Interesting book on BC plants Edit Delete J
Globalmentoring .Net - online Learning .Net Online learning Edit Delete J
.Net Lessons .Net samples and lessons Edit Delete J
.Net tutorials Online learning for .Net Edit Delete J
8570.1 Security initiative by US Definition Edit Delete J
AJAX - Class libraries Tool to download Edit Delete J
AJAX - Download with examples Tool to download with examples Edit Delete J
AJAX - Google example Good description of AJAX Edit Delete J
AJAX - MSDN on tool MS help on the tool to download Edit Delete J
AJAX - XMLHttpRequest Good article on AJAX Edit Delete J
AJAX Demo 18 min video demoing AJAX Edit Delete J
ASP Dot Net Chat site Good example of DOT NET for a chat interface Edit Delete J
avecomm nn Edit Delete J
Captivate and Breeze Presentation that illustrates the use of captivate and flash and breeze Edit Delete J
Code Project Programming in .NET Edit Delete J
Digital Content Doug Kennedy's online quick reference cards Edit Delete J
E4X - Basis of AJAX AJAX basis Edit Delete J
FP Email FP Web Outlook client Edit Delete J
Freeware Proxy software Testing for Basic and NTLM authentication Edit Delete J
French translation resource French translation Edit Delete J
Fusepoint's Webcare Site Fusepoint ticket system Edit Delete J
GMS VOIP Voice over IP phone online access Edit Delete J
GREAT french translation GREAT site for translating into French Edit Delete J
HTML codes for French Characters French codes Edit Delete J
Inquiero From Paul Edit Delete J
Integrate MSN IM Tool that integrates all the chat services Edit Delete J
Jive Live Assistant Tool for mentoring can purchase source Edit Delete J
Knowledge Gateway Sample instance for Dell Edit Delete J
Labs Usage - 18 Updated to allow filtering by multiple fields Edit Delete J
Light TPD Wed server Open source tool - proposing to be used by Harmeet Edit Delete J
Look - flash Chat site Another flash example that has built in Translation from Babel Fish Edit Delete J
Look - VNC solution For Labs piece? Edit Delete J
McAfee Antivirus Corp edition Edit Delete J
MS Collaboration Paul found Edit Delete J
MSDN Application Center Test Testing environments Edit Delete J
Non Profit Mentoring Non profit soft skills mentoring (Katie referred) Edit Delete J
Phone chat tool Interesting tool to Instant Message using cell phone Edit Delete J
Podcast example Podcast sample site Edit Delete J
Possible Chat tool Recommended by Suavek and tanja Edit Delete J
Reporting Good sample report site Edit Delete J
SIP to PSTN Look at further Edit Delete J
Skype Application Skype new tool Edit Delete J
Soft Skills mentoring Referred to me by Katie Edit Delete J
Visual Studio ELearning E-Learning courses - some free until June 30 06 Edit Delete J
WayneTV ala UK wgoldstein and company Edit Delete J
Web QA tools Site listing many QA tools Edit Delete J
White PJ PJ access Edit Delete J
White PJ - admin Admin site for GMS on PJ Edit Delete J
White PJ - Mentor view Mentor access for monitoring PJ Edit Delete J
Yahoo Widgets Wayne recommended Edit Delete J
Your Tech Online Interesting company - and offering Edit Delete J
Health Aspivenin anti mosquito solution Place in Canada (Victoria) that sells this Edit Delete J
Neurotherapy feedback ADD, ADHD, etc Edit Delete J
Plantar Fasciitis Offers a tutorial Edit Delete J
History British Flags and their Histories Excellent site for background on British flags, ensigns etc Edit Delete J
Holy Sepulchre - Jerusalem Fascinating view 360 degree of the church Edit Delete J
King Arthur Site Interesting site with English history Edit Delete J
Notman Collection description Notman collection - talks about the ability for the public to look through it. Edit Delete J
Renaissance Literature Very interesting site - many links Edit Delete J
Savage & Lyman Brief history of Savage and Lyman (with Henry Birks) Edit Delete J
Savage & Lyman History Brief history of Savage and Lyman Edit Delete J
Silver hallmarks Great list and display of hall marks Edit Delete J
Summer Excursionist - Savage and Lyman Interesting google book Edit Delete J
Home Apt rental site (UBC) UBC affiliated site for Apt rental listings Edit Delete J
Chimney damper Better sealing of chimney Edit Delete J
Dishwasher Maintenance Good site for home repairs Edit Delete J
Fireplace blowers Fireplace efficiency ideas Edit Delete J
Fireplace doors Fireplace doors Edit Delete J
Fireplace efficiency More efficiency ideas Edit Delete J
Fireplace efficiency Ideas for increasing efficiency Edit Delete J
Front door pictures Good examples of different styles of front door Edit Delete J
Interesting Gardening Site Offshoot from Remodelista Edit Delete J
Sample Floors Remodelista - good examples of flooring Edit Delete J
Spiral Stairs Good prices Edit Delete J
Under bed storage Interesting approach to making rolling drawers for under the bed Edit Delete J
HP HP Overture HP Default website for new machine Edit Delete J
Humour Credit Card Pranks Dialogue of signing credit cards with different names Edit Delete J
Latin expressions Funny latin phrases Edit Delete J
Math Humour Interesting math one Edit Delete J
Very funny blogs Some very funny stuff on this blog Edit Delete J
Internet ADSL Speed test Test connection speeds from the net Edit Delete J
Art Archive Interesting concepts Edit Delete J
Art for Sale Portal site for selling art Edit Delete J
Art for Sale - Virtual Gallery Good setup for adding artists to the site Edit Delete J
Art for Sale 2 Good example of how to display painting without giving it away...small with large sections Edit Delete J
Art for Sale 4 Good layout with rotating image of paintings....not gif, and not flash, but Javascript Edit Delete J
Art for Sale 5 Good as idea for different rooms "galleries" for different artists....more creative than just listing their names Edit Delete J
Art for Sale 6 Very nice layout and site design Edit Delete J
Art for Sale 7 Lousy layout, but some good points such as focusing on Niagara, Monhegan, ocean etc Edit Delete J
Art lesson online Teaches the basics of watercolour and offers critiques etc Edit Delete J
Blogworld Interesting site for ideas on blogging Edit Delete J
Book Books dropped into the Wild! Edit Delete J
Browser test - Java, JVM, etc GMS site should have something like this page Edit Delete J
Caching JAR files Text on how to use OBJECT code for caching the JAR file on a mchine Edit Delete J Pictures View of china Edit Delete J
Chris Farrell - bonus page Site talking about the value of internet commerce Edit Delete J
Convert PDF to Word Great tool to convert a PDF to word format easily Edit Delete J
Domains at Cost Registrar Edit Delete J
DSL Speed test Testing the speed on the DSL connection Edit Delete J
French Accents in a wysiwyg editor Very nice little tool to type text with french characters...but also develop look and it generate HTML Edit Delete J
Goggle Search Engine Search Engine Edit Delete J
Hacker School Better understanding of what a hacker uses Edit Delete J
IBM's JVM Java Virtual Machine....from IBM Edit Delete J
Internet Security Checking Site that will test which ports are open and recommend firewall software etc Edit Delete J
Internet Tips and Tricks This site has lots of quick tips and tricks on a very wide range of internet tech topics Edit Delete J
Japanese Characters IME software download Edit Delete J Microsoft site of interesting bits Edit Delete J
Microsoft Price List Price list for all MS Products Edit Delete J
Online AntiVirus Allows for online checking and removal of viruses Edit Delete J
Port Scanners Various port scanners Edit Delete J
RSS Bandit Build an RSS feed tool - good tutorial for XML etc Edit Delete J
Sam Spade - Sniffer tools Bunch of tools to check Net info Edit Delete J
Social Networking and Blogging Interesting article on blogging Edit Delete J
Steve Gibson Solutions to reducing the hackability of one's system Edit Delete J
Sudoku online Good site for Terry and his Sudoku fix Edit Delete J
Sun Java JVM Download pages All the archived versions of Sun JVM Edit Delete J
Sun JVM versions download page One stop for all the versions of Sun JVMs Edit Delete J
TCP/IP Port listing Good site with listing of registered ports and descriptions Edit Delete J
TCP/IP Ports and their uses Good comprehensive list of ports and who has reserved them Edit Delete J
Zone Alarm Firewall software - recommended by Steve Gibson Edit Delete J
Internet Server IIS SECURITY - 10 steps 10 Steps to increasing IIS security Edit Delete J
IIS Security Discussion Step by step run down of the things to consider and tools to use to improve IISs security Edit Delete J
Norton AV Update link Link for updating version - issue of rtvscan taking way too much CPU Edit Delete J
SearchWebManagement Tips and Tricks expert advice - IIS security, white papers, patches, etc Edit Delete J
iPad Remote Desktop app App to work with Windows Remote Desktop Edit Delete J
Windows Remote Desktop App Windows connect via iPad Edit Delete J
Kids Amazing Space explorations Telus educational site Edit Delete J
Architectural Websites Interest blog site by an Architect - good reading for Mason Edit Delete J
BBC Educational site Math and word games Edit Delete J
Boosting child's self esteem Interesting book - eBook at VPL Edit Delete J
Brain Pop Telus educational site - videos Edit Delete J
Canadian Geographics Games and homework help Edit Delete J
Capilano E Cap E website Edit Delete J
Educational references Wide variety of material and references Edit Delete J
eNature site Telus educational site Edit Delete J
eNotes Very good resource for learning materials, reference materials etc Edit Delete J
I know that Telus educational site Edit Delete J
Kids Games Games Edit Delete J
Library of Canada Collection of maps, pictures and videos Edit Delete J
Mason - Homework page Webpage where homework and such are posted Edit Delete J
Math Exercises for kids Free exercises for kids Edit Delete J
Math glossary Telus educational site Edit Delete J
Modern Art Telus educational art site Edit Delete J
Online educational games Online education Edit Delete J
Pumpkin Growing Steps on how to grow a pumpkin from seeds Edit Delete J
Safe Canada Internet safety tips and activities Edit Delete J
STA STA Website Edit Delete J
The Futures Channel Telus educational site - online movies Edit Delete J
Videos and Math tutorials Telus educational site Edit Delete J
Virtual Museum Exhibits, games and galleries Edit Delete J
Yahooligans Science Yahoo science site Edit Delete J
Language Latin phrases Interesting - sometimes humorous phrases and translations Edit Delete J
Library North Van City Library Same credentials as NVD Library Edit Delete J
NVDPL New interface New and improved interface Edit Delete J
Online Books In connection with VPL Edit Delete J
Online Library Ebook source - with NVD library account Edit Delete J
Vancouver Library Online catalogue of VPL # 21383012724832 Edit Delete J
Menu DHTML Slide Menu Javascript Slide Menu Edit Delete J
PopUp Menu Javascript Freeware Menu System Edit Delete J
Xtree Menu Javascript Explorer style menu Edit Delete J
Museums Online Art Museum Great online museum - searchable by Artist Edit Delete J
Sainbury Online Museum Interesting virtual museum Edit Delete J
Music Be Good Tanyas Others whose sound is similar to the Be Good Tanyas Edit Delete J
MP3 Downloads Site for a variety of music Edit Delete J
MP3 music Great site for all kinds of music Edit Delete J
Oracle DB Third Party Tools Oracle and SQL Server tools Edit Delete J
Free Online Tutorials for 10g Free tutorials Edit Delete J
Hot Oracle Oracle reference site Edit Delete J
Images from Oracle Images from Oracle LOB field either via HTTP or Procedure Edit Delete J
NLS Guidelines Oracle NLS documentation Edit Delete J
ODBC Driver without Oracle Net Install this to use ODBC driver without needing Oracle Net on the web server $4,000 per server or $125 client Edit Delete J
Oracle - BFile example sample of how to load BFILE Edit Delete J
Oracle - CertCities Oracle site for tech issues and questions Edit Delete J
Oracle - DBMS Packages Documentation on DBMS packages Edit Delete J
Oracle - FAQ FAQs Edit Delete J
Oracle - Insert into LOBs Documentation on inserting into LOBs - Three methods Edit Delete J
Oracle - Insert into LOBs (>4000char) LOBs that are more than 4000 chars - issues Edit Delete J
Oracle - LOBs and usage PPT giving good breakdown and syntax - Suggested reading as well Edit Delete J
Oracle - LOBs Examples Examples of basic testing of LOBs (and NCLOB) Edit Delete J
Oracle - SQL*Plus FAQs FAQs about SQL*Plus Edit Delete J
Oracle - Using Large Objects (LOBs) Example seems to be using ASP (NEEDS FURTHER READING) Edit Delete J
Oracle 8i Documentation Oracle Edit Delete J
Oracle 9i - Memory Management Good document on new 9i parameters and memory management issues Edit Delete J
Oracle 9i - Unicode white paper Discussion of Unicode Edit Delete J
Oracle 9i Data Dictionary Listing of all the Data Dictionary Tables Edit Delete J
Oracle and ASP Suggestions on how to solve ASP connection problems Edit Delete J
Oracle Blob with PHP Adding and viewing images with Oracle and PHP Edit Delete J
Oracle Blobs with .NET Blobs and Ora Packages with .NET Edit Delete J
Oracle Cartridges White Paper Edit Delete J
Oracle Create Db and Oradim Description of manually creating a database and the oradim utility Edit Delete J
Oracle Database Using RDO Access an Oracle Database Using RDO Edit Delete J
Oracle DBA help site Oracle resource site Edit Delete J
Oracle Documentation Links to Oracle Documentation from 8.1.7 to 9i Edit Delete J
Oracle Documentation for 10g Oracle provided online documentation Edit Delete J
Oracle FREE Documentation Free online reference material for Oracle 10g Edit Delete J
Oracle Instant Client Oracle 10g Instant client for SQL Plus Edit Delete J
Oracle Instructor Files Used to access instructor presentation files and lab setup files wdp_instructor 71470 Edit Delete J
Oracle Internet DBA Oracle site with 5 Main points a DBA should know Edit Delete J
Oracle Java Almanac Oracle and Java site Edit Delete J
Oracle Load LOBs How to create PL/SQL to load LOBs Edit Delete J
Oracle LongRaw Images Mislabeled site not BLOB but Long Raw images Edit Delete J
Oracle Number field actual size Works out the actual size in bytes of a number field Edit Delete J
Oracle on Windows FAQ FAQ for Oracle and Windows Edit Delete J
Oracle Proc and ADO ADO methods for calling Oracle procedures Edit Delete J
Oracle Recordset (ADO) in ASP Retrieve a Recordset from an Oracle Stored Procedure Using ADO on ASP Edit Delete J
Oracle Sample DBA guide Sample OCP DBA exam guide Edit Delete J
Oracle Stored Proc in ASP Retrieve Typical Resultsets From Oracle Stored Procedures Edit Delete J
Oracle TechNet Oracle Edit Delete J
Oracle Tuning Descriptions of tuning Oracle Edit Delete J
Oracle Web Tutorial Oracle Tutorial Edit Delete J
Oracle Windows FAQ General Windows issues for Oracle Edit Delete J
Oracle with SSL How to implement SSL with Oracle Edit Delete J
Oracle8i Admin Guide Oracle Administrator's guide Edit Delete J
Oracle9i: Developing with Microsoft .NET Using .Net to interact with Oracle Edit Delete J
PctFree and PctUsed Oracle discussion on PCT and Chaining vx Migration Edit Delete J
TestKing Test site for samples Edit Delete J
Paintings Art Wallpaper Great site with huge collection of art accessible as desktop wallpaper Edit Delete J
Beaver Hall Group - S. Robertson Taught by Wm Brymer - early Canadian Impressionists Edit Delete J
Beaver Hall Painters Describes the painters with many cross links Edit Delete J
PB Birim Mining John Embry rec - ghana exploration and nsr from GSR Edit Delete pb
Jay Chen - Natural Resourse Stcks at SI SI thread Edit Delete pb
Jay Chen - Portfolio Updated allocations Edit Delete pb
Jay Chen - Zhenjiang Expressway Qheng. Express Jay chen bought June 27, 03 Edit Delete pb
Jay Chens energy trusts Energy trusts thinking Edit Delete pb
Siliconinvestor - Jay Chen Chat Siliconinvestor Jay Chen Edit Delete pb
Personal Abe Books Online bookstore Edit Delete J
Aunt Sally and other games Kids indoor game ideas Edit Delete J
Autobig of a Yogi Autobiography has been put online for free Edit Delete J
Birthday Cards - VERY GOOD!!!! Great interactive Birthday card Edit Delete J
Build Your Own PVR Interesting site to help work out building a PVR Edit Delete J
Car logos Quite an extensive list of car manufacturers and their logos Edit Delete J
City of Van - Permit site Good source of permit documents Edit Delete J
Condo Homeowners Assoc Website with various links Edit Delete J
Cost of Raising a family Manitoba study on the costs associated Edit Delete J
Cost of Raising Children Costs and discussions about raising children Edit Delete J
Craigslist Search rool Craigslist tool Edit Delete J
David Gray Radio Radio station playing David Gray style music Edit Delete J
Eccentricities of English Words in English that don't make sense, according to the standard rules Edit Delete J
Interesting Personal Site Interesting site - has a virtual bookmarks as well - *** good example to mimick *** Edit Delete J
Kits Yacht Club Sailing Possibilities Edit Delete J
Korean Translation Basic words and phrases Edit Delete J
Kriyayoga Vijai recommended Edit Delete J
Learn Korean Simple lessons to learn some Korean Edit Delete J
Map Finder Locate any address Edit Delete J
Masters Certificate Alternative to a MBA - more executive cert Edit Delete J
Mazda Parts People Place to order roof rack Edit Delete J
Mazda Stuff Mazda parts Edit Delete J
MBA360 Good site for the MBA process and rational Edit Delete J
Realty Link Houses for sales in Vancouver Edit Delete J
Robbie Burns Night Good description and tradition around Burns night Edit Delete J
Romans Interesting looking Roman site Edit Delete J
Sony Digital Camera Digital Camera Driver downloads Edit Delete J
Telus Mail Online access to webmail Edit Delete J
The Secret Very VERY interesting description of the theory of attraction Edit Delete J
UBC Sailing club Sailing possibilities Edit Delete J
Vancouver Bike Paths Great map - very detailed Edit Delete J
Voice Over Work Good site for voice over work - with demos Edit Delete J
VPL Electronic Resources Vancouver Public Library resources Edit Delete J
Weather Radar site Good site for weather forcasting Edit Delete J
Whistler Sea to Sky hwy WebCam Good webcam for visible conditions on Hwy 99 Edit Delete J
Project Management Online MS Project Training Basic MS Project course online - free Edit Delete J
UofA PageList Listing of various pages Edit Delete J
QATesting Laragh Training QA fundamentals and ISO training Edit Delete J
QA Training Various elearning courses Edit Delete J
SPC QA site Good data about QA and research within the field Edit Delete J
R&R R&R Projects RandR Online modules Edit Delete J
Research Periodic table of the elements Click and Show Edit Delete Shirley
RSAnimate RSAnimate discussion Interesting discussion Edit Delete J
Visual Presentation Visual Presentations and training Edit Delete J
Visual recording iPAD Highlights process and four tools for the iPad Edit Delete J
Saver Code SELECT @@Identity FROM tblSample1 What to do when switch to SQL server from Access Edit Delete Shirley
Software Flash decompiler Interesting tool converts SWF to FLA Edit Delete J
Joel on Software Good 12 step test of software development effectiveness Edit Delete J
Microsoft Action Pack Great deal from MS for license to development software Edit Delete J
Microsoft Pricing Microsoft Academic pricing Edit Delete J
TrueCrypt Opensource code for system encryption Edit Delete J
Visual Studio 2008 trial Trial version of the full Visual Studio Edit Delete J
VPN connection and hosting setup Good doc to help walk through the setup reqs Edit Delete J
SQL Server Access to SQL conversion Good white paper Edit Delete J
ADO Examples How to connect to a SQL DB using ADO and recordsets, etc Edit Delete J
Drop all tables Great trick to impact all tables for dropping or other procedures Edit Delete J
Growing SQL Server skills Great article on growing SQL server skills at low cost Edit Delete J
Microsoft Licensing SQL Blog addressing different licensing with nodes Edit Delete J
MSDN SQL Server Reporting Tutorials MSDN SSRS Edit Delete J
Petkovic SQL for Beginners Book used in the IT 139 at UBC Edit Delete J
Pulling XML data from file into SQL Good example of the ability to pull XML text into a temp table Edit Delete J
Sample SQL Online training Good first view of reporting capabilities in 2008 Edit Delete J
SQL 2008 - Certificates Good outline of Certificate use Edit Delete J
SQL 2008 Filestream example Very good example of all aspects of Filestream Edit Delete J
SQL 2008 virtual labs Interesting first look at 2008 Edit Delete J
SQL 2008 Webinars Good 60 min segments on new features in 2008 Edit Delete J
SQL Blob Definition Describes the process of storage of Text, nText and Image fields Edit Delete J
SQL Client Connections Discussion of client connection failure, server shutdown Edit Delete J
SQL error installing on VirtualPC 2007 Solved the issue of installing errors on VirtualPC 2007 Edit Delete J
SQL Keyboard shortcuts Good list of shortcuts 2008 and 2012 Edit Delete J
SQL Magazine Resource site for SQL Edit Delete J
SQL Replication Issue Snaphot Agent would not start - how to troubleshoot Edit Delete J
SQL Server - Bii Bulk Image Insert - and when to store in FS vs Image field Edit Delete J
SQL Server 2000 Log view Interesting page with command to view Log files Edit Delete J
SQL Server 2000 Resource Kit Indicates what it offers Edit Delete J
SQL Server 2005 - Beginners Guide eBook eBook! Available through the Vancouver library Edit Delete J
SQL Server 2005 - Business Intelligence Delivering SQL with Business Intelligence Edit Delete J
SQL Server 2005 - Developer Guide Developers Guide - eBook Edit Delete J
SQL Server 2005 - Distilled eBook Edit Delete J
SQL Server 2005 - Implementation Implementation and maintenance - eBook Edit Delete J
SQL Server 2005 - Programming R Viera - Programming eBook Edit Delete J
SQL Server 2005 Courses Free online courses Edit Delete J
SQL Server 2008 - Downloads Various versions and tools for SQL 2008 Edit Delete J
SQl Server 2008 - R2 Whats new New aspects to R2 Edit Delete J
SQL Server 2008 Blog Reviews bits from the text for 70-432 Edit Delete J
SQL Server 2008 eBook Introducing R2 Edit Delete J
SQL Server 2008 Filestream White paper on the setup and use of FILESTREAM Edit Delete J
SQL Server 2008 R2 - new items Latest changes for R2 Edit Delete J
SQL Server 2008 Report Builder 2.0 Download Report Builder 2.0 Edit Delete J
SQL Server 2008 Report Builder Headers Problem with keeping Column Headers showing on all pages Edit Delete J
SQL Server 2008 Virtual Labs Virtual lab environment for SQL Server Edit Delete J
SQL Server Intellisense issues Troubleshooting why intellisense might not be working CTRL+SHIFT+R Edit Delete J
SQL Server Reporting Services Online training for SSRS Edit Delete J
SQL Server RunAs Great paper - describes the various way to run SQL in trusted mode with a client domain account Edit Delete J
SQL Server Schemas Schemas vs Roles Edit Delete J
SQL Server specs Great site for listing limitations and specifications for SQL databases and objects Edit Delete J
SQL Server Web Sites Various sites related to SQL Server Edit Delete J
SSRS BuiltIn Collections List of Built In collections Edit Delete J
SSRS Tips and Tricks Interesting top 10 list for SSTS Edit Delete J
TerraServer - SQL server This is an MS public server to access maps, aerial images etc Edit Delete J
SQL Server - Reporting Services Report Manager - customize Another view at customizing the Report Manager interface Edit Delete J
SQL SSRS Customizing Discussion on various options to customize the Report Manager is SSRS Edit Delete J
Staging Companies Divas by Design Staging properties to help sell Edit Delete J
Revamp HomeStaging Staging property for sale Edit Delete J
Terminal Services Terminal Service License Server TSL FAQ page about TSL and installing etc. Edit Delete J
Terminal Services - Scripting How to use TSAC within web page Edit Delete J
Terminal Services Case Study Great Plains Accounting System Edit Delete J
Terminal Services Demo Demo of Terminal Services TSAC Edit Delete J
Terminal Services FAQ Terminal Services Web Plugin - FAQs of security and usage Edit Delete J
Trains Ernst Plank history Good little blurb with pics Edit Delete J
Ernst Plank site Interesting page with pics and descriptions Edit Delete J
Sample Ernst PLank Steam Engines Some good pictures of comparable engines Edit Delete J
Travel Belize Bareboating Couple useful links for sailing in Belize Edit Delete J
Expat Web Sites List of expat sites...including Canuck Abroad Edit Delete J
Las Vegas Interesting site of tips Edit Delete J
Notre Dame de Paris Beautiful shots of Notre Dame Edit Delete J
Notre Dame de Paris - history Interesting background and description Edit Delete J
Notre Dame de Paris - more history More tidbits about Notre Dame Edit Delete J
Orlando Map MapQuest of Orlando Edit Delete J
Paris at night Beautiful shots of Paris at night Edit Delete J
San Gimignano sleeps 12 50pppn Upstairs and downstairs apts in farmhouse Edit Delete pb
Time Share Exchange DAE Free membership Edit Delete J
Tuscan Rental Site Wow....que bella web site Edit Delete J
Vancouver Airport Arrivals Arrivals status for flights into Vancouver YVR Edit Delete J
Weather Network Good for forcasting weather elsewhere Edit Delete J
Westfalia camping Maui Great looking idea of renting a westfalia in Hawaii Edit Delete J
Whistler Accommodations Finder Good site for owners renting their own places Edit Delete J
UBC UBC - Instructor resources Site for instructors (jackh) Edit Delete J
UBC Learning Centre Enter classmarks and review feedback (jhughes) Edit Delete J
Voice Over Work Voice over Agents Listing of agencies Edit Delete J
Walking Tours Back of Beyond Tours A little more aggressive hiking...nice website Edit Delete J
Bowen Island Tour Not quite the idea but interesting approach with prices Edit Delete J
Country walkers High end - nice looking but long term plan Edit Delete J
Creepy Tours good niche...creepy places...goulish stories...certain appeal Edit Delete J
Ethnic Guide to Montreal Good book for ideas Edit Delete J
Freewheeling tours Great looking tour of eastern townships Edit Delete J
Ghost Tours of Old Montreal Yet another with the ghost theme Edit Delete J
Interesting Museum in Montreal Info for tours again Edit Delete J
John Atkin Great site...exactly what I was thinking of and then some... Edit Delete J
Kasbah International level Higher end, what something like this could become Edit Delete J
List of tours Another listing of tours - ideas, marketing? Edit Delete J
List site of tours Another website as possible marketing Edit Delete J
Montreal Walking tour Very good place to again pilfer ideas Edit Delete J
National Parks Focused Focused on specific National Parks - good ideas Edit Delete J
Old Montreal Ideas for tours Edit Delete J
Old Montreal ideas More ideas on walking tours of Old Montreal Edit Delete J
Old Montreal Info Research site for Old Montreal tours Edit Delete J
Quebec and Ottawa Tours Interesting looking - list again for research and marketing Edit Delete J
Quebec City - Ideas Another site for tour ideas Edit Delete J
Quebec City Tours A number of the tours available Edit Delete J
Quebec City tours This would provide good information to pilfer as narrative Edit Delete J
Quebec Plus Good ideas Edit Delete J
Russ' Hikes Some good ideas for walking tours (Nancy's Little Person) Edit Delete J
Sewel Walking tours Good example of a simple model with prices Edit Delete J
Titanic History in Montreal More tidbits of info for possible tours Edit Delete J
Toronto Haunted Tour Another ghostly tour Edit Delete J
Touring company They do a lot of bus tours Edit Delete J
Tours America Good collection of different tour sites Edit Delete J
Trip listing site One possibility for web marketing Edit Delete J
Vancouver Hikes Great list of links Edit Delete J
Walking Connection - High end This is interesting....have the walking tour take more than one day...include B&Bs Edit Delete J
Web ADO Connection String Samples ADO Connection String Samples Edit Delete Shirley
ASP and FileSysObject Good example of accessing FileSysObj Edit Delete J
ASP output to Excel Great example of ASP output to excel Edit Delete J
Chapter 4: Managing Browser Compatibility Chapter 4: Managing Browser Compatibility Edit Delete Shirley
connect to FTP site - Source of the problem connect to FTP site - Source of the problem Edit Delete Shirley
DevGuru ADO Methods Index DevGuru ADO Methods Index Edit Delete Shirley
Free SSL Certificate 2 Another free certificate for SSL Edit Delete J
Free SSL Certificates Issuing free certificates for SSL Edit Delete J
HTML Codes Good site for all the codes such as < represented by code and not the actual character Edit Delete J
HTTPS Redirection How to force users to use SSL Edit Delete J
Javascript menus Great little menuing tool - extremely simple to use Edit Delete J
JavaScript Ready-to-go Ready-to-go DHTML scripts & Javascripts Edit Delete Shirley
Jet SQL is the database engine behind Microsoft-s Jet SQL is the database engine behind Microsoft-s Access. Edit Delete Shirley
MSVM Diagnostic Page Tool to detect the VM for Microsoft Edit Delete J
Search domain name registration detail Search domain name registration detail Edit Delete Shirley
SimplytheBest ASP active server pages SimplytheBest ASP active server pages Edit Delete Shirley
SSL Certificate Process without Authority Unix version of creating SSL Certs Edit Delete J
Web art Such interesting artists.... Edit Delete J
Website Load Testing service Very good site, with what looks like very extensive testing capabilities Edit Delete J
Web design Ajax in Action - Book site Complimentary site to the Ajax book Edit Delete J
ASP - requirement for SPROCS Needs this to be able to run SPROCS from ASP code Edit Delete J
ASP efficiency and problems Good place to start looking for ASP time out error Edit Delete J
ASP Pages made more efficient Interesting things to note about ASP efficiency Edit Delete J
eBooks - great downloads Great source for eBooks, such as Foundations of Ajax Edit Delete J
Great website designs Very good examples Edit Delete J
Java Applets Samples of downloading a Java Applet for Netscape and IE Edit Delete J
Web Agent Data analysis Great site to help analyze Web User info browser versions etc Edit Delete J
Website Copier Download offline version of a website Edit Delete J
Web Security !!! Creating a Self-Signed Certificate using OpenS Creating a Self-Signed Certificate using OpenSSL Edit Delete Shirley
FREE SSL - Fully Functional Trial SSL Certificates FREE SSL - Fully Functional Trial SSL Certificates Edit Delete Shirley
How To: Set Up SSL on a Web Server How To: Set Up SSL on a Web Server Edit Delete Shirley
LDAP Integration Simple site on the basics of LDAP integration Edit Delete J
WestcoastAlternatives Counselling Vancouver Interesting starting page - for various services Edit Delete J
Edgewood addictions services example site to use as reference - good graphics and warm feeling Edit Delete J
Pacifica Treatment centre Example site for comparison - blue colours, more corporate looking Edit Delete J
Shanti Counselling Centre An example of large header changing pictures - flash piece Edit Delete J
Windows IE Title bar issue The issue of the URL automatically showing on the title bar Edit Delete J
Woodworking How to Make Tansu furniture Instructions on making Tansu furniture Edit Delete J
XML sheina Good article about CDATA for invalid chars in XML Edit Delete J
XML Tutorial XML tutorial page Edit Delete J
YouTube Ave Maria Very nice rendition Edit Delete J
Brothers in Arms - gregorian chant Nice version of Brothers in Arms Edit Delete J
I'm Alive - Celine Dion Great song Edit Delete J
Screen video capture Free program to film screen capture Edit Delete J
Simon and Garfunkle - Sounds of silence Great early footage Edit Delete J

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